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Cartera artesanal


We are artisan creators and designers,
our products are unique and special, they show  the beauty of the simplicity of the rural environment

Mujer de moda

Be natural, be cool...

Jabón natural

Healthy and sustainable products

Image by Annelies Geneyn

Guides, cartography, nature writing...

Accesorios marrones claros

Jewelry and accessories

Adorable niño con pollo

For the little ones

Interior orgánico

create your spaceCountry Chic

Granjero con fruta

From the farm to your table

Accesorios de viaje

explore the world


The rural areas have an orography that has contributed to their anthropological isolation, a historical transhumance with prolificacy in autochthonous breeds, animal and plant biodiversity, of great landscape richness whose result is a cultural differentiation embodied in a careful craftsmanship of high quality and aesthetic sensitivity.  

We offer you our own line of products designed, produced and/or financed by our team.

And, in addition, we have selected for you products made by local artisans from different rural areas that transmit  the beauty of this extremely diverse environment.​

Find everything in our store RASCAFRÍA andON-LINE.