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“I kept dreaming of snow and birch forests. Where so little changes you hardly notice how time goes by.”

Czeslaw Milosz  

Sierra de Guadarrama National Park is the perfect place to breathe pure air and playing mountain sports, with ours expert guides on natural history and will be thrilled to share his knowledge of the region’s unique flora and fauna whether that be walking through mountain, marveling at sunset  from the summits, or just enjoying a tradicional picnic in an alpine meadow. Nature sparks the imagination and invites exploration!


Guided snowshoe routes take you to the most beautiful places of the Guadarrama winter wonderland. Experience the wonder of the snow covered landscape.
Snowshoeing is growing in popularity,  it is healthy experience in the snow for having relax in nature and fitness in the winter. Have a safe and and exciting snowshoeing experience!

Snowshoeing nigth route under the moon: Get into the best astronomical observatory: the mountain.
Following the tracks of the animals. Discover the winter fauna! Ideal experience for families.

Best season: winther

Level: easy-medium. Half day


Easy hiking to Get into the High Mediterranean Mountain and get to know the glacial vestiges   Ideal experience for families

Laguna Grande de Peñalara: Eyes of Guadarrama. Wetlands Peñalara massif, including the Ramsar Convention, host endangered amphibians species such sapo Partero y rana Ibérica.

Laguna de los Pájaros: Lagoons, alpine meadows and rocks are the protagonists of a bucolic walk through the heart of the mountain.

Nevero Peak glacier circus. Pine forests modeled by the forces of nature and lagoons vestiges of glaciers. Amazing view point surrounding!

Best season: Winter snowshoeing

spring/summer/ autumn hiking

Level: easy-medium. Half day


Hiking or cycling  under great forests where lives ancient trees that stand out from the others by its size, age or being protagonists of myths and traditions. Discover magical places!


Barondillo and Roca Yews: Long-lived forest inhabitant for more than 1500 years, the oldest yews of the Iberian Peninsula, have been witnessed history. Hiking.

Carro del Diablo Stone: Legends of stone in the Horcajuelos oak forest. Hiking

Mata del Pañuelo Oak. Monumental survivor, which has over 350 years old. Cycling.

All seasons.

Level: easy-medium. Half day


Peñalara Peak 2.430m: Highest Mountain climb of Guadarrama Ridge. Privileged view point of Lozoya Valley and Castilian plateau.

Cabezas de Hierro 2.380m: Guadarrama´s second summit, consisting on two summits. A demanding but beautiful day towards a balcony over Guadarrama ridge and surrounding.

Nevero Peak 2.275m: A beautiful ascent along paths between native forests,  glaciers and alpine meadows.

Maliciosa Peak 2.227m: One of the most significant mountains of Guadarrama ridge. His typical profile became the background of Velázquez´s paintings.

Najarra Peak 2.123m: Guadarrama´s lighthouse. On its slopes there are historical roads used by men to get the ice last century.

Best season: Winter snowshoeing

spring/summer/ autumn hiking

Level: medium-higth. Full day


National Park of Sierra de Guadarrama is the best expression of Mediterranean High Mountain: 83 endemic species of the Iberian Peninsula, 2 exclusive of Sierra de Guadarrama. It has 40% of Spanish fauna species protected. The rocky areas, forests and meadows offer the opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife such as ibex, deer and even the wolf. And its blue sky, one might watch

the gentle flight of black vulture and imperial eagle.

Pedriza, Ibex realm : Enjoy an excursion between rocky areas and scree, the realm of the ibex. Its has a spectacular antlers, close to a meter long, and can weight  more than 100 kg.

Blossom Guadarrama: Discover the ephemeral beauty of mountain flowers. Paular geranium, Gentian, Piorno Serrano, Armerian, etc. (Endemism of the Central System)

Best season: spring/summer/ autumn hiking

Level: easy- medium. Half day


Magic trip folowing the water course, surpassing dizzying jumps with beautiful frills and waterfalls, to continue the peaceful trip to the valley.


Guadarrama  falls:  Dizzying waterfalls majestically fall under the forests of wild oak and pine.

Options: Chorro Chico and chorro Grande falls, Purgatorio Cascade Navarredonda-San Mamés Falls

The Manzanares river birth: Between the granite labyrinth of La Pedriza, the water forms pools, kettles and swirls of crystalline waters.

Calderas of the Cambrones River. Deep pools formed by the friction produced by sands and boulders by force of being removed by the turbulent waters.

All seasons: hiking

Level: easy. Half day

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