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TOTE BAG Animalia&Botanical

TOTE BAG Animalia&Botanical

VAT Included |

Tote bag with designs inspired by nature: fauna and mountain flora. The drawings with a watercolor pencil are digitally printed on fabric made with organic cotton and recycled polyester. Each model includes a description of the flower or fauna it represents. 

Drawn and designed by Nuria Hijano, founder of Montnature. 

Your conservation message wherever you go!


11 AVAILABLE MODELS: Oak, Pine, Poppy, Bellflower, El Paular Geranium, Rock Daffodil, Quitameriendas, Violet, Apis mellifera, Hawthorn, Lavender.




  • Made in Spain. Design and direct financing from Montnature. Responsible and sustainable production process.

    Certified organic materials y  100% biodegradable and respecting animal welfare. 

    Every year we allocate 5% of the benefits to projects aimed at the conservation of endangered species. If you want to know more about the destination of our contributions, access our section ofSOCIAL COMMITMENT

  • Our textile line is healthy for you and for the planet:

    • Biodegradable dyes, without toxic or chemicals. The stamping  is made with inks that respect the environment.
    • I respect the people who make our garments possible.
    • Message of conservation of vulnerable species, leave your positive mark wherever you go.
    • Hypoallergenic garments - spun and produced without chemicals.

    PENCIL CASE / TOTE BAG: 80% organic cotton 20% recycled polyester GOTS certified by Stanley/ Stella. Softness, lightness, comfort, high quality, with high durability and unique designs.

    • Breathable garments thanks to the natural organic cotton fabric.
    • Fabric from sustainable crops and fair trade.
    • Hypoallergenic


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