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Maria Vielva Collection. Guadarrama bugs




María Vielva is a language and literature teacher by vocation and a painter by devotion. He likes clean words, the sincere "coloring" and the deep black in the line. Her great didactic capacity, especially among children and adolescents, make her the ideal person to disseminate the values of natural mountain heritage, for this reason, she is the illustrator of our line of children's clothing `Bichos del Guadarrama´ and of the design of our logo.

Its fun  designs bring the universe of the most characteristic insects of the Sierra de Guadarrama closer to the little ones. The entire collection is made of organic cotton and you can find t-shirts and neck covers.

Save the bees!

In order to revalue the environmental role of mountain beekeeping that favors pollination in ecosystems, we allocate 5% of the annual profit to Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals (FAPAS) for the installation of special hives for wild bees.

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