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Children have always had a natural curiosity for the tiny inhabitants of the planet. With this collection of"Guadarrama bugs"Hand-drawn by our illustrator María Vielva, we want to make the importance of insects for mountain ecosystems reach the little ones. The fun designs represent the most characteristic critters of the mountains of the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park: the Stag Beetle that lives in the oak forest, the Devil's Horse dragonfly that crosses the mountain streams, the San Juan beetle that sticks out its antennae in San Juan, the Wolf spider that inhabits the subterranean depths or the Apollo butterfly, queen of the peaks, are the stars of this collection.


COMPOSITION:100% cotton

SIZES: Single/Unisex.


  • Certified organic cotton, made in Spain. 

    PRESENTATION: Recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging. Each model contains a didactic file with information so that the little ones grow in harmony with nature.

    Every year we allocate 5% of the profits to projects related to the conservation of pollinating insects. If you want to know more about the destination of our contributions, access our section ofACTIONS

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