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VAT Included |

Beeswax and recycled paper, to light the fire naturally.

An innovative alternative to firelighting tablets, with beeswax and recycled paper,  to light the fire in a clean and natural way. It does not emit toxic gases or fumes. Pleasant smell of beeswax. Water resistant and lightweight. Quick ignition, slow combustion. Suitable for all types of firewood and charcoal. Ideal for lighting the bee smoker, firewood for cooking, stoves and fireplaces. 

  • Handmade product made by hand in Spain. Traditional mountain beekeeping. Sierra de Guadarrama. Product of the Montnature line.

    PRESENTATION: 25 units. Sustainable packaging with recycled and recyclable raw materials.

    MONTNATURE ACTION: Every year we allocate 5% of the profit to bee conservation projects. If you want to know more about the destination of our contributions, access the section ofOUR WORK yMellifera Project

  • Place under leña fina o charcoal, light with a lighter or match. It is recommended to leave gaps between the firewood for better combustion. Enjoy the warmth of the fire!

    Flammable, keep out of reach of children.

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