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BEES. Piotr Socha

BEES. Piotr Socha

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Be amazed, let yourself go and enjoy this book, the most incredible book ever made about the bees.

What types of bees exist? How long can bees fly? How many flowers must they visit to get for a kilo of honey? What region is full of honey? How do they harvest honey in Africa?
Let yourself be transported to the magical kingdom of bees by the hand of Piotr Socha. Observe them closely, see how they are, enter their houses, learn about their customs. Notice how they dance, and when and for what they do it. Find out how they are known to have populated the Earth before the dinosaurs and why they are in the regalia of Napoleon. He works with the beekeepers, travels in a truck that transports beehives to an almond orchard; and taste different types of honey. But yes, be very careful, don't get stung!


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