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The reason for being Montnature is the rrecovery and dissemination of the values of nature and culture of rural areas, through the management of ecological, social, economic and cultural assets, to achieve community development as a constitutive element of identity and feeling of belonging, engine of coexistence and solidarity. 

"The landscape not only contributes to aesthetic pleasure and quality of life: it establishes a population in its history, its roots and gives meaning to the territory." 


Our mission: to revalue the traditions, practices and local knowledge of rural landscapes, where the elements contributed by human action join the natural ones, forming a set that constitutes a heritage of high historical and cultural value for sustainable community development.


Committed to our identity. We implement socio-economic development initiatives through our different circular economy and proximity actions. We doActionsterritorially consistent with the environment, to contribute to improving the quality of life of local populations and visitors.

We actively collaborate with different social agents and environmental conservation projects.

Image by Jose Francisco Morales
"Farmers play the role of guardians of natural resources, developing over several generations forms of landscape conservation and increasing resilience to disasters such as fires, erosion, floods and landslides."
Hacer una canasta
"Today's achievements are tomorrow's heritage"


Each project involves the effective exploration and use of local resources to obtain optimal benefits for the community, with their own designs and special collaborations with different artisan creators, designers and artists from rural areas. Authentic food and unique objects, so that remain in time and are made with a forgotten rhythm. And we offer them to you in our Rural Concept store, located in Rascafria, or through theOnline store


And we want to share it. We put our experience at the service of the creation and dissemination of knowledge. We organize events, congresses  and training days implementing innovative practices so that they can lead to positive change.

We participate  actively in different dissemination networks and media that you can access through our websiteBlog

Image by Magda V
" Of the 20 plant species that provide 80 percent of the world's food, six have originated and diversified in the mountains: corn, las potatoes, barley, sorghum, tomatoes and apples."

"Rural areas are a key factor for a sustainable future"

Will you join us on this trip?

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