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This design made of rusty iron is inspired by "This design is inspired by the Mountain Elm. A pioneer tree in populating the mountains after the last ice age and since then, they have refreshed the town squares with their shade. As imposing as it is vulnerable to its enemies, the graphiosis fungus has decimated its populations and threatens to erase it from our landscapes and our imagination. With serrated leaves, very asymmetrical at the base and gradually ending in a point, it frequently presents a projection on each side. It is a rare tree in Spain, which usually grows scattered or in small stands in mixed forests, beech or fir forests, always in shady environments. It prefers cool, stony soils, at the foot of cliffs and river banks.


Conservation status Spain IUCN: "Threatened: sensitive to the alteration of its habitat"



  • PRODUCTION: Design and direct financing from Montnature. Responsible and sustainable production process. Every year we allocate 5% of the benefits to projects for the conservation of threatened species. 

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